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My Healing Harmony

Self Source-Ery - Lisa Lister

Self Source-Ery - Lisa Lister

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These times are wild. Thankfully, so are you.

This is an invitation to reclaim your magic, power, and wisdom in and through your body. It’s a cosmic wink, direct from source, to deepen and expand your awareness, your intuition, your instincts, and your innate feminine wisdom. What magic and medicine wants to be remembered through you?

These pages weave mythos, stories, reflections, and practices that will guide you to:

  • Recognize and love the ever-unfolding rhythm of who you truly are
  • Develop a deeply compassionate connection with your body
  • Connect to your creative life force, as source
  • Create your own map and practice - where you set boundaries, choose what you believe, and remember in your way.

Self Source-ery will support you to take fierce responsibility for yourself, to access your creativity and unique-to-you frequency and magic, and return to your true nature - all that is cyclical, rhythmic, primal, instinctual, and magnetic.

Information: 251 (Paperback)

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