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The Kitchen Witch - Skye Alexander

The Kitchen Witch - Skye Alexander

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Make your kitchen magical

Every witch knows that the kitchen is an essential part of her magical practice. There, she can harness the powers of nature and the hearth to infuse magic into her daily routine by using the magical properties of herbs and food to protect her home, find love, and attract success.

The Kitchen Witch guides you on this path, from explaining what a kitchen witch is to exploring how to tap into your craft. You’ll unlock the history of kitchen witches, begin your witchcraft journey, and make your kitchen a sacred space to continue your magical practice. This guide contains more than one hundred basic ingredients that add magic to every meal, and provides common spells, charms, and rituals that will help you harness your inner magic. Embrace the power of the kitchen witch and discover the magic you can create in your own home.

Information: 286 (Hardback)
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