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The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Fairies - Skye Alexander

The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Fairies - Skye Alexander

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Channel the Magick of Fairies!

Invite a mystical majesty into your witchcraft practice by invoking the power and wisdom of fairies!

Inside, you’ll meet fairy families you may want to work with - and learn which fairies to avoid - while gaining insight into their characteristics and behaviour. You’ll find out where and how they live, and discover ways to attract and interact safely with fairy helpers. Learn how to entice fairies to partner with you, and how they can elevate your magickal endeavours. Perform spells and rituals with fairies, with an understanding of just how they can bring another dimension to these practices.

Powerful beings of a semi divine nature, the fae can enhance your craft and enrich your self-knowledge. Get to know their world - and experience their magick - with The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Fairies

Information: 254 Pages, (Hardback)

Please Note - The pages in the book are serrated (i.e. not all even at the edges), this is the design of the book, rather than an imperfection or misprint.
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